FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Water my Established Grass?

Water long enough to wet the top eight (8) inches of soil. If the soil is compacted and/or the slope causes the water to run off prior to soaking in, it may be necessary to water several times with a +/- hour gap between waterings to put on sufficient water without excessive runoff or standing water.

How Often Do I Need to Water?

Water just frequently enough to avoid wilt. The symptoms of wilt are a bluish tint showing in the grass leaves and walking across the lawn results in foot prints that remain because the leaves are crushed and do not spring back.

What is Wrong When One Area of my Lawn is Bluish Colored?

A blue-gray area is a sign of water stress. Place like-size containers in that area and another in a green area. Water for 15 minutes, and then measure both containers. If the dry area is not getting the same amount of water, adjust the sprinkler heads.

How Important is Ground Prep?

VERY important! A little extra work and money invested in soil preparation before you plant your lawn can continue to pay big dividends long after the memory of planting your lawn has faded. A good base will promote a healthy root system, which is the most important factor in starting and maintaining a beautiful, low maintenance lawn.

Can Hybrid Bermuda Grow in the Shade?

No. Bermudas need full sun in the hottest part of the day (10 am to 3 pm). Our St. Augustine sod will grow in partial shade.

Can We Walk On Our New Sod?

It is best to give the sod an opportunity to firmly establish before heavy usage. That will prevent indentations in the moist soil and allow the roots time to grow deep.

Can Dogs Cause Yellow Spots in my Lawn?

YES - dogs leave a large quantity of urine in one spot. The salt in the urine burns the grass. Hybrid bermuda grass normally recovers within two weeks. To prevent urine burn, give your dog METHIGEL, a natural vitamin available through a veterinarian.

How Much Above Grade Should I Set Sprinkler Heads?

Set "pop up" sprinkler heads level with grade up to 1/2" above grade. Your sod will come within +/- one half inch of soil, so if the heads are more than 1/2" above grade they can be damaged by objects that hit the ground such as the knives on a verticutter. Make sure sprinklers you use pop up at least 2 inches so the spray pattern is not hindered by tall grass.

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