Dear West Coast Turf:

I wanted to reach out to say thank you and tremendous job on the Los Angeles Coliseum re-sod.

From the sod at the farm, to trucking, crew installation, and logistics coordination, I was very impressed by the high quality we received throughout the process. The rolls arrived in good shape, and the sod looks as good, if not better than expected.  The trucking was as close to flawless as we could have asked for.  The chronological numbering of trucks was extremely helpful, and the flow of traffic for both sod rolls and trucks was great.  In Addition, the installation crew also did a fantastic job.  They arrived early each day and had the first rolls of sod being installed at crew call, very impressive.  Their attention to detail and accommodation to requests is much appreciated.

While I am positive there are many others behind the scenes making a stadium re-sod of this magnitude successful, I want to thank you all directly and ask you to share our appreciation with the rest of your team.

As those of us fortunate enough to be at the Coliseum today saw, there was literally no evidence of where we left off laying Sunday, and started today.  I believe this is the greatest example that that this sod job was knocked out of the ballpark.  To have that type of coordination and quality of product provided, enabling us to minimize transplant stress, is impressive and much appreciated.

Reflecting upon the entire process, there are only a few moderate changes to improve our next Coliseum re-sod.  I am very excited to be heading into USC football season with this field and hope you all can look on with pride.  Look forward to working with you all more in the future.

Thank you,

Matt Hollan
Sports Turf & Grounds Manager
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena


“We renovated our field last year in search of a more durable turf that would tolerate our intense field use and challenging climate.  Bandera showed great durability and recovery throughout the season, as well as offered great color all season long. Our goal was to end the season looking as good as when we started and I feel choosing Bandera helped us accomplish that, also assisting us to winning the 2011 Cal League Field of the year.”

Peter Hayes

Head Groundskeeper

Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball