West Coast Turf: The Industry Leader for California Sod

Whatever turfgrass project you may be planning, West Coast Turf is the choice for California sod. With more than 30 varieties of turfgrass sod, stolons and other turfgrass products, West Coast Turf has the right grass and extensive experience to provide everything you need. We partner with homeowners, landscape designers, contractors, golf course designers, stadiums and attractions throughout California and nationwide.


Turfgrass Industry Leader

West Coast Turf is a leader in the turfgrass industry, providing sod to major clients including: Angel Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Levi's Stadium, NEW home of the San Francisco 49ers; Qualcomm Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers; Dodger Stadium; AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants; Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum; Santa Anita Racetrack; the Rose Bowl; Disneyland; Pebble Beach Golf Club; eight Super Bowl fields for the NFL, and many more major sports turf, golf course, and other turfgrass using facilities.

California Sod

At West Coast Turf, we are experts with a unique understanding of the differing climates throughout California. We have a large selection of warm season grasses for the dry desert areas and also a wide variety of cool season grasses for cooler coastal and high desert areas. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you have the best turfgrass selection for your location and needs.

Benefits of Sod

For almost any major turfgrass project, installing sod is a superior choice over starting with seed. The major benefit is that sod is immediate. Once installed, you will instantly have a lush, green lawn. Additionally, seed is often lost to wind and erosion, requires more water to establish than sod, and also takes several weeks to germinate. One of the most important benefits for major turfgrass projects: seeded lawns take longer to establish and often can’t be used for months. Sod can be planted any time of the year, especially in California, and is ready for “wear and tear” in just a few days.

Sod Delivery and Installation

West Coast Turf has sod farms throughout California, and we will custom-grow your sod to your special needs or sand specifications. Our healthy and mature sod is harvested at night and uniquely transported to bring fresh sod to customers each day. We offer traditional small roll sod, 42-inch big roll sod, thick-cut sod and other special requests. We provide our detailed California Sod Installation Guide and also offer our professional sod installation crew for major projects.

Choose West Coast Turf

West Coast Turf provides the best turfgrass not only to high profile golf courses, stadiums and other well-known clients, we also work closely with homeowners and landscapers to ensure the same high quality turfgrass for residential landscape needs. We have been developing and growing turfgrass for more than 25 years; a true innovator in the business. With offices throughout California, West Coast Turf is the obvious choice for your California sod project. Contact us directly at 888-893-TURF or order sod online at www.westcoastturf.com.