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Bandera Bermuda® was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers and San Jose Earthquakes! 

One of West Coast Turf’s newest bermudagrass variety is Bandera Bermuda®.  It is unquestionably the most rapid establishing and fastest recovering from turf damage and wear we’ve experienced, which makes it perfect for high traffic sports fields and play areas. Bandera Bermuda® has excellent shade tolerance and some of the best cold tolerance and disease resistance of all varieties.

Like all our hybrid bermudas, Bandera is a drought tolerant grass, and requires little water compared to cool season grasses like fescue.  

Bandera Bermuda® has been used at:

Levi's Stadium

Features & Benefits

  • Medium dark green--similar to Tifway II, darker than Tifway 419 
  • Medium--similar to Tifway II
  • Very aggressive growth and rapid recovery, excellent choice in heavy traffic
  • Superior wear tolerance--better than Tifgreen 328 and Tifway 419
  • No modeling, very uniform growth both lateral and upright growth 
  • Warm season
Shade Tolerance
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • ½” (0.375) – 3”

  • Shortest winter dormancy period of bermuda grasses.