West Coaster Seed 10 lb Bag

West Coaster Seed
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Now you, too, can use the same exact seed we use to grow our popular West Coaster tall fescue sod for your own home use!  Use our new 10 lb. bag of seed to “sweeten up” or patch/repair your West Coaster established sod lawn, or seed a new lawn with our exclusive seed. This is especially convenient for pet owners. 

Features & Benefits

· The newest generation of tall fescue

· For light to heavy traffic lawns

· Year-round green

· Performs well in coastal California, as well as cool inland valley and high desert environments

· Deep root system ensures drought and heat tolerance

· Emerald green color--natural dark green color means less nitrogen is required

· Uses less water

· Superior resistance to drought, insects, and disease

· Tolerant of saline soils and saline irrigation water

· Heat tolerant up to 100 degrees F

· Moderately shade tolerant—requires full sun most of the day (4-10 hours)

· 7-10 day germination time with proper planting and care

· Mowing height 1”-3”