Drought Tolerant Seashore Paspalum Sod


Platinum TE Paspalum

Our newest sod--Less Fertilizer + Less Water = "GREENER" grass for the environment and more $ in your pocket!

Drought Tolerant Water Saving Natural Bermudagrass Sod for Warmer Areas

Tahoma Thumbnail

Tahoma 31 Bermuda

Tahoma 31 Bermuda is extremely drought tolerant, cold hardy, has early Spring green-up, and has excellent wear resistance. It is our lowest water using turfgrass.
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TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Sod

TifTuf is a hybrid bermudagrass that is used for sports venues, golf courses, and landscape applications.
Bandera Bermuda logo image

Bandera Bermuda

Our newest variety of bermudagrass sod for golf courses, sports fields, parks, landscapes & home lawns for Southern California.
West Coast Turf Tifgreen 328 Sample

Tifgreen 328 Bermuda

Wide range of mowing heights, and low, dense growth habit make it one of the most versatile hybrid bermudas.  It's a drought tolerant and a low water using turfgrass.
Santa Ana Turfgrass

Santa Ana Bermuda

Santa Ana is one of the most drought tolerant hybrid bermuda grasses, with a short dormancy period.

West Coast Turf Tifway 419 Bermuda Sample Thumbnail

Tifway 419 Bermuda

The fine texture, and beautiful dark green color make it a popular choice for golf course tees and fairways.

West Coast Turf Tifway II Bermuda Sample Thumbnail

Tifway II

GREAT durability, beautiful dark-green color, and recuperative abilities.  It's a drought tolerant and a low water using turfgrass.

Fertilizer Products-The Food Your Grass Needs

Soil Burst Bag Thumbnail

Soil Burst 4-4-2 Pre-Plant Fertilizer

Organic pre-plant fertilizer for sod or other garden plants.


West Coaster Dwarf Tall Fescue Sample Thumbnail

West Coaster Tall Fescue

West Coast Turf’s exclusive West Coaster sod makes for the ultimate lawn for coastal and cooler climates!  And you can patch it with our West Coaster Seed!
Fine Fescue

Hillside Fine Fescue

Can endure a broad range of mowing heights.  If left un-mowed, it takes on a beautiful natural look.

Greens Quality Grasses for Golf

Dominant Bentgrass

Certified Tifdwarf

Offers fast putting speeds and true ball roll for high performance, comparable to many bentgrass greens. 


Displays high density, making for fast putting speeds and true ball roll. 

Native Grasses

Native Hillside Fine Fescue

Hillside Native Fine Fescue

With minimal maintenance, this adaptable drought tolerant grass can be maintained as a lawn or left unmowed.  Perfect for natural landscapes, and slope stabilization.

Agrostis pallens

West Coast Native Bentgrass--Agrostis pallens

Cool-season bentgrass, a rich, deep green color, and withstands light foot traffic. Requires half the water of customary turf & half the mowing and maintenance.

Seed-The Same Seed We Use on Our Farms

West Coaster Seed

West Coaster Seed 10 lb Bag



Kurapia Groundcover Thumbnail

Kurapia Drought Tolerant Natural Ground Cover Sod

Kurapia is a *NEW* drought tolerant and low maintenance turf alternative natural ground cover sod.

Specialty Grasses for Experts


Improved Kikuyu

Exhibits exceptional drought, disease, insect, and wear tolerance with rapid recovery rate.
St. Augustine

St. Augustine

St. Augustine has exceptional shade tolerance, thrives in warm climates, and is relatively resistant to pet urine.  *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*