West Coast Native Bentgrass--Agrostis pallens

Agrostis Pallens
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California native grasses are playing a large role in landscaping with water conservative plants. They are becoming the popular choice for lawns, landscapes, golf courses, and parks.  

West Coast Native Bentgrass (Agrostis pallens) is a cool-season bent grass.  It can be mowed or left to flop, creating the look of a natural, informal meadow. When left in its natural state, it can require half the water of customary turf half the mowing and maintenance, and will be a medium green color.  When mowed and fertilized regularly, it takes on a more traditional manicured look with a darker green color.

California native grass lawns offer an exciting new choice when it comes to having a beautiful lawn and being environmentally responsible.

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Features & Benefits

  • Medium green when left in-mowed, dark green when maintained at lower height
  • Medium leaf blade
  • Withstands close mowing heights or can be left un-mowed
  • Thrives in both full sun and partial shade
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Coastal and cooler climates
Shade Tolerance
  • Partial shade
  • Can tolerate low mowing height of 1" or left un-mowed
  • Available in regular 16" x 46" 8 sq. ft. or 24" x 60" 10 sq. ft. rolls, and 42" x 105" big rolls