Stadium Zoysia

Stadium Zoysia macro
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Stadium Zoysia is a fine textured grass that exhibits the darkest green color of any zoysiagrass on the market. With a wide range of mowing heights and low fertilizer inputs, this grass can be used from golf course tees to the rough. This specialty grass cannot be overseeded with ryegrass.

The deep root system and extensive rhizomes provide excellent wear tolerance  and recovery even in dormant turf. This grass is extremely heat and drought tolerant and can tolerate temperatures from low desert to coastal regions. Stadium Zoysia on site

Stadium Zoysia maintains color deep into the fall, and greens up quickly in the spring, allowing turf managers to forgo overseeding while still providing and excellent playing surface that can handle cart traffic and athletic events.  

Features & Benefits

  • Deep dark green
  • Fine
  • Excellent wear, drought tolerant, withstands heavy foot traffic, excellent density, deep root system, tolerates some frost, great durability
  • Warm 
Shade Tolerance
  • Fair, prefers full sun
  • Reel mower 1/4" to 1.5", every 5-7 days
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